PZA.COM Is for sale

PZA.COM is for sale to qualified buyers. If you're thinking you're a domainer, if you've reached this page, you're not. Just close the window, and go find something useful to do with your life.

If you're a startup and you have no money, best wishes and good luck to you. Just close the window, and may your venture succeed.

Purchasing this domain is simple. Compose a very short email with a market-priced offer and send it to the domain contact.

Provide a real email address. If the best you can do is gmail, yahoo, outlook, hotmail, etc. then the best you can do is not good enough.

Things to know before you offer anything

To aid in determining if you're a serious potential buyer, here are some pitfalls to avoid:
		- Never mention escrow.com.  We don't do children's games here.  We can use a real Agreement
		  drafted by real lawyers and use a real escrow company and real wire transfers.

		- Never mention ZelleĀ®, any crypto-anything, any blockchain-anything, or provide a sob-story.
		  Really, just your offer will be sufficient.  If you can't afford your very own lawyer for
		  your part of the Agreement you can't afford this domain name.

		- You're welcome to inquire as to anything except for the price.  It's "market price" and the
		  rule of thumb, like with live lobsters, is that if you have to ask it's not for you.

But what if I want to...

This domain is for sale. Make an offer. Whatever else you want you can do after we complete the purchase/sale and you own the domain.